What’s the Difference Between Pure Instinct Crave and Pure Instinct Original?

Pure Instinct Crave

The viral sensation that has been all over Tiktok for the past 12 months, and many other social media platforms, and even more recently on Bachelor in Paradise, has been Pure Instinct. Just the Tiktok hashtag #PureInstinct alone has 29 million views. The interest has made it popular for many wanting to jump on the trend and try it for themselves to test it out. Now, the company behind it, IntiMD, has introduced a brand new, female driven scent called Pure Instinct Crave

What are the differences in the smell?

Pure Instinct Original:

Unisex scented, with a blend of Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon and honey with a well-rounded base note of white musk.

Pure Instinct Crave:

Female scented, with creamy sandalwood and sweet musk soothing in their warm tones, leaning more towards a female fragrance.

What Can Both Do?

Both can be mixed with your perfume/cologne to enhance your scent even more and doing this does not diminish the pheromones. 

Introduced more than 20 years ago, people have come to love and trust the Pure Instinct Original with “the” original formulation that accentuates the delivery and effect of the potent pheromone imported from Italy.

In 2021, our master perfumer concocted an all-new fragrance, developed on top of the tried-and-true original pheromone formula.  The Pure Instinct CRAVE is described to be hypnotic and alluring.

Pure Instinct Crave

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