Create Viral Content, Get Rewarded For It!

Create Viral Content, Get Rewarded For It!

Show off yourself with ANY of the following IntiMD products:


For going viral within the first 30 days of your post on Instagram or Tiktok (based on the breakdown below) we will send you more of our products or, give you a payout of the following:

  • If your video exceeds 100K views, we'll pay you $50
  • If more than 250k, $100
  • If more than 500k, $250
  • If more than 1m, $600
  • If more than 2m, $1500
  • If more than 5m $4000
  • If more than 10m

Finer details: 

Reach out to us via email ( or Instagram DM once one of your posts exceeds 100K views to alert us so we can monitor the post. 

Submissions will start September 1. 2021. Past viral content will not count. 

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