IntiMD Multi-Purpose Hygienic Cleaner is a powerful multi-purpose surface cleaner, yet gentle and potent enough for use in intimate toy care. With our Pro-Skin Formula, it reduces bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals, perfect for your hands and anything else they touch! ​



IntiMD Dilator for Vaginismus is developed to bring relief, comfort and hope to the millions of women with intimate conditions through a self-administered and non-invasive exercise system. 100% Body-Safe – Medical-grade ABS with silky smooth surface and tapered tip shape lessen pressure to opening to ensure maximum comfort and pain-less exercises. With four graduated tips (three removable + one handle) to fit each individual’s need. To enhance the comfort, an 8 oz. bottle of water based personal moisturizer is included (safe for all silicone or plastic devices).



​IntiMD OXYO Fingertip Pulse Oximeter can reveal crucial body data for athletes and amateurs alike during their training exercises routine. As the primary function of this devise is to monitor oxygen levels in the body, athletes may choose to utilize this as a tool during strenuous workouts. IntiMD OXYO Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Designed for sports and aviation, such as mountain climbers, bikers or pilots who go through high elevation areas regularly. For Sports or aviation use only, not for medical use.



KN95 Mask is N95 Compliant and is GB 2626-2006 certified. Meets CDC guidelines for protection against TB exposure control standards and protection against laser plumes of surgical smoke. Filter efficiency of 95% or greater for non-oil based particulates. Bacterial filter efficiency >99.9% ​Straps tested to withstand more than 3 LB of pull strength. DuraBand aluminum noseband ensures tight, contoured and secured fit. This product is not included on the FDA Emergency Use Authorization List, and the CDC has not confirmed its filtration efficiency.