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  • Vaginoplasty
  • Post-Radiation/Surgery Recovery
  • Pelvic Scar Tissue Surgery
  • Trauma l Childbirth
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Myofascial Release (Trigger and/or Tender Point)
  • Weak Pelvic Floor

What is Postpartum Recovery?

Whether your delivery day went as planned or everything went sideways, you’ve been through an intensely challenging and life-changing experience. Working with a PT to treat symptoms and rebuild strength will benefit your body and mind —  research suggests that physical therapy may reduce risk of postpartum depression by 50%.

Some postpartum patients love to sneak away for “me time” in our clinics, while others prefer virtual visits at home. Your therapist can even incorporate your newborn into your workouts :)

Other ways to describe this: 

  • C-Section Scar Pain & Complications
  • Dyspareunia
  • Hip Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse 


Common and Treatable 

What others say about Postpartum Recovery:

  • "My c-section scar is tight and tender."
  • "I’m afraid I’ll never have sex again."
  • "My whole body feels weak."


Treatment Options

If you are wanting to know more about treatment options for your pelvic floor, due to anything noted above, take a look at the IntiMD options available to improve the overall wellness of your pelvic floor.

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