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IntiMD Magic Wand Series Therapeutic Wand Massager is not an intimate toy.
​It is not affiliated or associated with Magic Wand distributed/manufactured by Vibratex.

Developed by Doctors & Therapists

FDA Registered & Listed

Magic Wand Rechargeable is FDA Registered & Listed to be used in therapeutic and medical massage therapy. Doctors & therapists country-wide are taking advantage of the Magic Wand Rechargeable to deliver deep-tissue and targeted massage therapy that dramatically reduces pain related to stress or muscle injury.


Physicians are recommending massage therapy to their patients for stress-related tension, pain relief and injuries, as well as to help maintain overall health and wellness. "A growing body of evidence shows that massage therapy can be effective for a variety of health conditions and massage is rapidly becoming recognized as an important part of health and wellness," said Dr. Keri Peterson, a board certified internal medicine physician. "Many of my patients come to me with chronic pain including back and knee pain, as well as migraines and injuries after exercise. I am now referring more people than ever to meet with massage therapists as an alternative, before considering surgery or prescribing prescriptions."



You loved the Original, now experience true wireless freedom with rechargeable lithium battery and speed control. This is a cordless version that offers the freedom to enjoy therapeutic massages anywhere, anytime and any position. With the same legendary and strong pulsation as the Original and features a silicone head, 4 intensity levels and 4 great pulse patterns. It comes with its own charging adapter (world & travel-ready 110v ~ 220v) and a 6ft cord. May be used both coredless and plugged in ("plug-and-play").



This compact, travel-size, lightweight, active personal trigger pin point massager is great for targeting a specific point for pure muscle relief. Made from durable body safe ABS. The massager features four interchangeable caps and requires 1AA battery (not included). Best of all, it is exclusively included in one of our bundles and not sold individually.



IntiMD Straight Trigger Pin Point Attachment for the Magic Wand. This is especially helpful when you want to pin-point any specific spot of soreness. Innovative massage tool uses leverage for deep, focused pressure in hard-to-reach areas. Allows you to target those hard-to-reach areas of tightness in the neck, shoulders and back. ​Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists. This IntiMD attachment is also exclusive to our Magic Wand Original bundle.



IntiMD VIBIO Air is perfect for those looking to explore our proprietary VibeAir Technology, without commitment. This 90 minute limited use introductory product is a delightful teaser and features 4 intensity settings to relax you! Requires 2-AAA batteries (not included).



CuraCane Neck Massager is developed by IntiMD in partnership with experienced physical therapists, chiropractors and certified sports physicians to offer a massager that is effective, easy to use. Neck pain is one of the most common medical condition, often caused by poor posture or support, such as long hours at work desk or sleeping in awkward position and poor body mechanics. Often times, nagging neck pain will radiate to other parts of the body such as head, shoulders, arms, or other body extremities. CuraCane’s unique design allows each individual to administer effective neck message without the help of others. User is able to adjust the magnitude of the pressure based on their own comfort level. Experience a whole new you today with the help with CuraCane.