5 Facts You Did Not Know About Magic Wand Original

The extremely popular Magic Wand Original, formerly Hitachi Magic Wand, has been around for more than half a century now and has been in pop culture and all around, to rave reviews to many. Here are a few facts you may not know about the popular massager.

Featured on Sex In The City in 2002

Yup, a massager VERY similar to the popular Magic Wand was featured on the episode of Sex and the City Season 5, Episode 6 titled "Critical Condition". This one particular scene shows Samantha's Sharper Image "massager" malfunctioning and her going to the store to get it fixed, only to get sarcastically chastised by the store employee, and Samantha, in her usual Samantha cadence and attitude, knocking down the store employee, who tells her to grab a new one for replacement. Go Samantha!

Non-Invasive Therapeutic Relief

It will help you reduce pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, and improve your overall mental and physical well being.

FDA Approved

Did you know through stringent testing and quality control, the FDA in America has certified the range of Hitachi Magic Wands as approved therapeutic medical massage devices in the USA.

Athletes Use it to Prevent Injuries

Use it before or after a work out. Manage the pain associated with sports-related injuries, ease the discomfort that is associated with chronic back, knee, and arthritis pain. It will sooth tired and sore muscles, or will simply help you relax.

Various Support Groups on Reddit

There are  handful of groups that support each other on Magic Wand. You can ask questions about the product to others, show off your Magic Wand, and more.

/r/HitachiMagicWand (12,700 members)

r/MagicWand (1,800 members)

r/hitachi (5,800 members)


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