5 Places To Wear Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil To Help You Get Exactly What You Want

People are always wondering where you should wear the viral Tiktok sensation Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil (Also on Amazon). Here is a list of various places you can wear it.

This topic was inspired by the number one dating coach on Tiktok Jacob Lucas' video on these five situations and scenarios.


@jacoblucas101 Number 5 is always worth a go 😉 @IntiMD #datingadvice #lifehack #dating #datingcoach #pureinstinct ♬ original sound - Jacob Lucas | Dating Coach


On a First Date

This one is a no brainer. The product is ideal to help you become more attractive to others. Hit off your first date without a hitch applying it to your person.


At Work (especially if you get tips)

You will get your own way a lot more when wearing this around co-workers or customers. See how others react when you do wear it.


On a night out or at a party

It will help attract the person(s) you want at this social gathering. Apply, attract, engage, rinse, repeat.


On a date night in with your partner

They will definitely appreciate it no matter the circumstance. They may be in a better mood when you wear this and going out or even staying in when you wear this fragrance.


At an in-person job interview

If the person interviewing you likes the way you smell, it enhances your appeal and the likelihood of obtaining a follow up interview or even getting the position.


Where else have you tried it?


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