8 Expert Tips To Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

Are you trying to make your favorite fragrances last as long as possible? Here are some expert tips to ensure you make its life expand on your person for as long as you can.

Apply to pulse points (inside wrists, neck, behind ears)

Since the skin is thinnest at the pulse points, it means it is closer to your blood and body heat, warming up the aroma and radiating the fragrance.


    Don't rub your wrists together, but rather dab or leave after application

    Widely considered a big "perfume no-no", rubbing your wrists when applying any fragrance is instinctual, but not always needed. If you do want it to last longer, rubbing may burn off the fragrance quicker.


    Use a perfume oil, just like Pure Instinct

    Roll on perfume oils are much more concentrated and once you apply them to pulse points, it is much more reactive to your body temperature than other high-end and pricey fragrances. Also, they are smaller and more convenient to throw in your bag or pocket to apply later on and throughout the day, should you desire.

    Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil Original - Unisex (Also on Amazon)

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      Apply after a shower to ensure a long lasting scent

      Steam helps open the aroma and when your skin and body temperature are high, the heat will help diffuse the fragrance. Your pores are opened, your skin is hydrated and will hold the fragrance longer.


        Keep your skin hydrated

        Hydrated, moisturized skin will hold fragrances a lot longer.


          Layer your fragrances, don't be shy

          Combine and create unique scents that make you YOU. Sometimes one is not enough and to each is own to make a fragrance cocktail.


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            Use petroleum jelly to make your fragrance last longer

            According to a Tiktok user The Skin Tale, you can lock in a fragrance after applying it to your skin with petroleum jelly. 

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            Try different things to make it your own and make it last

            You are your own you, so only you know what is best and trial and error is the best way to figure out what YOU want and enjoy most when it comes to these things. Don't be afraid to try to new application processes and techniques to see the best way to utilize longer fragrance application processes.


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