A Guide to Coochy Plus Intimate Shaving Cream Scents

Here's a breakdown of all the scents of each of the Coochy Plus Shaving Creams and Aftershave:

Sweet Bliss

The scent of lush white blossoms, summer apple, and raspberry accord take you to verdant meadows bursting with life and vitality. Mid-scent includes a watery ocean accord and rich rose, enhanced by soft muguet, and lily of the valley. Creamy, luscious vanilla and warm musk.

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Coco Allure

The scent transports you there so you can almost hear the breeze flowing through the palm trees. Fresh tropical coconut, coconut milk, and jasmine will have you dreaming of white sandy beaches and the deliciously cool shade cast by the palm fronds. Mid to dry, Coco Allure has sweet amber, sexy vanilla, and sandalwood.

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The Origin

The Origin is our signature and empowering scent that is reminiscent of purity and strength. Scents of natural orange oil, blooming summer rose, and juicy raspberry and peach, are tinged with fresh green muguet accord to stimulate your senses and exhilarate your mind.Heart-notes include soothing violets, aromatic geranium, exotic cassis and fresh peach to remind you of verdant summer gardens and orchards bursting with fruits. The dry down of The Origin is an alluring mix of warm amber, vanilla, musk, balsam and natural patchouli for a truly sensual fragrance.

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Citrus Elixir

Natural exotic mandarin and orange can’t fail to stimulate your senses and revive your mind as you pamper your body with this restorative intimate shaving cream. At the heart of Citrus Elixir is a fruity accord of plum, pear and summer melon, along with a spray of fresh ocean marine muguet to refresh you like a sea breeze.

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Fragrance Free

Fragrance-free with zero artificial scents or additives, alcohol-free, phthalates-free, and paraben-free suitable for extra sensitive skin types. For those who have easily irritated, sensitive skin.  It contains powerful moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and vitamins-rich agents that dramatically improves your intimate shaving experience which includes Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Maca Root.

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Coochy Plus After Shave Spray

This popular spray has extracts from lavender, sage leaf, cucumber, chamomilla, oat kernel. 

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