Three of the Best Affordable Fragrances for Teens

The gifting season is already here, and now is the perfect time to get ahead of shoppers who procrastinate. You may have younger friends or family members and not sure what to get them in the fragrance department. Here are a three great options.

Pure Instinct Original and Crave

Pure Instinct Original - Unisex Scent

This viral Tiktok sensation has been making waves with teens and twenty somethings online with its affordable pricing (only $15.95 on Amazon) and unique unisex scent. The product has been around for more than 20 years and currently has 4/5 stars with more than 35,000 Amazon reviews. The scent is best described below.


@johngnzz Sweet Honeydew 🍈🍬 #pureinstinct #pheromones #perfumetok #fragrance101 #pheromoneperfume #pureinstinctpheromone ♬ Late Night Paris Jazz - French Jazz Cafe

Where to buy Pure Instinct Original?

Intimd website l Pure Instinct website l Amazon



Pure Instinct Crave - Female Scent

Branching off from the Original comes the Crave scent, for women. Since it has been mostly women trying out the Original, IntiMD created a female focused scent, that can be best described below. This scent is brand new, only launching in September, and is already making waves online and getting rave reviews. 


@johngnzz Reply to @ikus.tas Crave = 🌸🍭💐🐋🍨 #pureinstinctpheromone #perfumetok #OneSliceChallenge #pheromoneoil ♬ THATS WHAT I WANT - Lil Nas X

Where to buy Pure Instinct Crave?

Intimd website l Pure Instinct website l Amazon


Where to buy Pure Instinct Fallen?

Pure Instinct website l Amazon


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