How to clean your Magic Wand Vibrator Massager? A quick walkthrough on how to keep the buzz alive

Wand vibrators can be used in so many intimate ways. It’s important to keep them in top condition which also helps keep your body safe, this means these massager vibrators need some self-care too.

Sadly, their magic abilities don’t include self-cleaning – yet. But the buzz they bring to your self-love regime will make you want to share positive vibrations with your Magic Wand through sharing your self-care routine with it by giving it a proper clean.

Whether you have been blessed with the Original Magic Wand or the Cordless Rechargeable Magic Wand, whichever is in your possession, both need caution as they are not waterproof. Keep this in mind when cleaning these wand massagers so they maintain their magical vibes.

When cleaning your Magic Wand, avoid submerging it under water; wipe-clean only so you don't damage any of its contents and it can maintain its functionality.

To do this, grab a damp clean cloth and use an antibacterial wash to wipe away any bodily fluids and lubricants. To give your wand some magic treatment of its own, you can use IntiMD Multi-Purpose Hygienic Cleaner, to help give it an enchanted shine that will also avoid leaving any nasty chemical residues that may be found in conventional cleaners. These chemicals can upset your body during future self-care. The IntiMD Multi-Purpose Hygienic Cleaner has been proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs, meaning it is one of the most effective ways to reduce any possible cross contaminants and infections. It’s also body safe.

If you’ve invested in IntiMD Trigger Pin Point Attachment to enhance your experience even more. To clean this, you simply need to pop the Trigger Pin Point Attachment off your Magic Wand and wash the attachment in warm water with an antibacterial wash or use IntiMD Multi-Purpose Hygienic Cleaner. Allow the attachment to dry before replacing it on to your Magic Wand's head again.

If your Magic Wand is looking a little less magical and the texture of the head has changed, this may be due to you using an incompatible lubricant in the past. Magic Wands should not be used with silicone lubricant. Instead, check out IntiMD Water Based Personal Moisturizer, which not only is safe for use with your Magic Wand Massager but also safe for your body, so you can keep having magical self-care adventures again and again.

Want a quicker and speeder way to keep your Magic Wand clean? Then simply pop a condom or even a powder-free nitrile glove over the Magic Wand Massagers head. This means that any bodily fluids, moisturizer, or lubricant will collect on the removable and easily disposable surface for quick and effective clean-up. This method also means that you can use the wand massager with others and even a partner easily without having to worry about STIs and infections, as you can simply pop on and off a new barrier method when using on another body.

Once your Magic Wand and any attachments are clean and dry simply store it in a drawer or even bag ready for your next magical self-care session.

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