How to Tell if Your Perfume or Cologne Has Expired? 6 Questions to Ask

Fragrances do not last forever unfortunately. But there are ways to see if your fragrance has passed its expiry date. Here are key questions to ask.


How to tell if your perfume is expired? 6 questions to ask.

1) Is there a a significant change in the scent?

Test how it smells. If there is a change in odor from the first day you tried it out, it could be expired. 


2) Is the fragrance less potent?

The strength of potent fragrances diminishes if stored for a long period of time.


3) Does it have an odor of vinegar?

If the original scent is non-existent and or smells of vinegar, sorry, it could be a lost cause. 


4) How does it look? Is it lighter or darker?

Is there a change in how it looks from its first day of use, if there is, it could be out of commission. Originally darker fragrances could turn lighter, and original lighter liquids could have a more pigmented or darker color. Be wary of this. 


5) Is there significantly less perfume in the bottle?

This happens especially if it is stored in a hot and dry area, the fragrance can evaporate, especially if the bottle has a clear casing. Make sure keep it away from direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dark place.


6) Is there a Period After Open (PAO) symbol?

The symbol will have a number and an "M" following it within the imagery. This is the suggested number of months recommended to use the product within the time of you opening it to secure its best qualities.

The image above is of the viral Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil Perfume with a "12M" PAO symbol, meaning you would have 12 months to best utilize the product.

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