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There are a lot of mis-information on the web. As the authorized reseller of Magic Wand with a decade of experience, we are here to clear everything up.

Excerpt: DO NOT take apart your Magic Wand, since that will void the manufacturers' warranty. Images are included below in specified topic areas so you can spot the differences between a real and fake Magic Wand massager. Things to keep an eye out for, updated retail boxes, specific labels with model numbers, a number etched at the handle of the device, and more.

The History of Hitachi Magic Wand (model: HV250-R)

If you don’t know already, Hitachi Ltd. is a well known, grandfather, of most appliance, electronics and large construction tools company in Japan. In 1970, the Magic Wand (HV250-R) was born. While it was designed and crafted in Japan, it was assembled in China. As its popularity grew in the adult industry, by June of 2013, speculations that Hitachi Ltd. no longer want their name associated with the massager and had discontinued it.

The Birth of the Magic Wand Original (HV-260) by Vibratex

In August of 2013, rather than letting the legendary massager die out, Vibratex had partnered with Hitachi and both agreed to revamp the massager and remove the name “Hitachi” from its packaging and call it Magic Wand Original. With the technology upgrade, the Magic Wand Original is in fact different from the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Even so, Magic Wand Original was able to deliver the same experience that its customers have come to expect.


Magic Wand Original



Magic Wand Spec Chart


Authentic vs Knock-Off Magic Wand Original

There are many educational images floating on the web to help you to determine an authentic vs a knock-off. But not all of us have both an authentic AND a knock-off to compare it side-by-side. Neither should you be taking your wand apart to see what’s on the inside…if no one has mentioned this to you, allow us to be the first…you should NEVER take your wand apart because that will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

So, we’ve only included images on the main areas where you can determine right off the bat if the unit is real or not.

If you are still unsure whether or not your wand is real or fake, contact the manufacturer directly to verify your supplier, or contact us here and we’ll be more than happy to assist further on investigating your wand for you.

Since we don’t have your device on hand, remember to include as many photos of your wand and the retail package so we can review the unit in detail.


Magic Wand Original Switch


The authentic Magic Wand Original has the “I” and “II” as the on/off indicator. The blue plate around the switch with the word “Magic Wand Original”


Real vs Fake Magic Wand Original Label


The left has the knock-off replicated silver label. You can see the information shown is not as complete as the real one shown on the right.


Magic Wand Original Serial Number


The authentic Magic Wand Original will have a batch number etched at the bottom of the handle. If you have one with a sticker, that’s a dead giveaway it’s a knock-off. But, this etched batch number is only available on the HV-260 model. Many have mistaken this number as a serial number. In fact, this is a batch number instead. So if you happen to be the lucky ones that owns more than one Magic Wand Original, there is a chance the batch numbers may be the same.


Magic Wand Original Retail Boxes




The retail box for the Magic Wand definitely has been updated a


few times throughout its life. From the Hitachi Magic Wand (HV-


250R) to the Magic Wand Original (HV-260). By 2019, the Magic


Wand Original has updated their packaging once more with a


more modernized look to their packaging which coordinates to


match all other models.


Magic Wand Rechargeable Retail Boxes


Here, you can see the original Magic Wand Rechargeable retail box didn’t really tie back to the original Magic Wand Original box. By 2019, the Rechargeable model packaging has also been updated.


Magic Wand Plus Retail Boxes


 Magic Wand Plus

The newest model of the Magic Wand family, the Magic Wand Plus (HV-265). This is a detachable corded model, the hybrid between the Magic Wand Original and the Magic Wand Rechargeable. It has the never ending power of the HV-260 and yet the versatility of power setting of the HV-270. The Plus will require the cord to be plugged in for operation but it’s also detachable for ease of storage. This model is also suitable for regions with 220V power source.

Magic Wand Common Questions and Issues

Throughout the years of carrying and troubleshooting Magic Wands, we would also like to share some of the issues our users have encountered and suggestions for resolution.

Please note, we have eliminated all the names to protect the privacy of our users/readers.

We have noticed between the Magic Wand Original (HV-260), Magic Wand Rechargeable (HV-270), and the Magic Wand Plus (HV-265), there’s currently only the HV-270 and the HV-265 that has the seal. We have already brought this to the manufacturer’s attention and is currently implementing a seal for the HV-260 as well. Upcoming future orders should have a seal on the HV-260 as well.

Currently, only the HV-270 and the HV-265 has the auto shut-off feature. We ask all users to turn your device off to cool off after a maximum of 20 – 25 minutes of continuous use as it’s also stated on the user manual.

Magic Wand Original (HV-260) is specifically designed for the 110-120V 60Hz market that is why it’s limited its sales to the North America region. Using a voltage converter is not suggested and will void all manufacturer’s warranty against the device. For regions with 220V power source, we recommend the HV-270 or the HV-265 model.

With this, we hope we have answered most of your questions and concerns as well as provide you with an ease of mind on how to detect a fake Magic Wand.

You can always purchase an authentic Magic Wand here or visit our Amazon store for various authentic Magic Wand bundles.

If you have any other questions that was not covered, please feel free to contact us hereCitation Page

Magic Wand Plus (HV-265) is not a cordless model. The HV-265 model has a detachable cord. Meaning this model will require the cord to be plugged in for operation. But is detachable for ease of storage. Cordless model is the Magic Wand Rechargeable (HV-270).

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