How to Operate and Charge VWELL Flex Pelvic Wand? with Video

How to Operate VWELL Flex Pelvic Wand?

The VWELL Flex Pelvic Wand (also on Amazon) features two unique ACTIVE motors. It has two different shaped buttons, with each to control the ACTIVE motor closest to that end. The smaller power button will control the smaller end, the bigger power button will control the bigger end.


To power on/off hold the button for the desired tip you want to vibrate for 2 seconds. The light beneath the button will illuminate indicating it is on. For the smaller end, you will hold the small button, the bigger end, the big button. Once on, you will click the same button you used to turn it on to cycle through each of the 6 different pulse frequencies. To turn off, hold the same button for 2 seconds.


How to Charge the VWELL Flex Pelvic Wand?

The VWELL FLEX contains a waterproof charging port located on the opposite side of where the on/off buttons are located. The charging port is a small circular hole you will see that looks like this.

Why is the Charging Port Sealed?

The charging port is SEALED with silicone by design and will take a small amount of force to plug in the included USB charging cable, upon first use. 

Make sure the charging cord is plugged in perpendicular to the device. It can be charged to any USB power source (smartphone power adapter, computer, or power strip with available USB port).

How Do I Know if it is On/Off?

The on/off buttons will light up as it is being charged. You will know it is fully charged when the charging light turns off. The LED indicator will blink when the battery is low and you need to recharge the VWELL FLEX. 

When you remove the charger, the hole will self-seal. The device is also water proof, to ensure safety for any use.


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