Improving Your Intimate Wellness May Lead to Your Emotional Wellness When Using Dilators for Your Vaginal Issues including Vaginismus, Pain During Sex, Vulvodynia, and More

Improving Emotional Wellness

Using vaginal dilators can be a very effective and positive experience to help you keep your vagina open and more elastic. Using these devices can help reduce the pain and discomfort with penetration and sexual intercourse that some may experience. The length of therapy can vary amongst people depending on their condition. You can use dilators as long as you need to improve your overall wellness, and ultimately, emotional wellness as well.

Vaginal dilators are often recommended for women receiving pelvic radiation therapy or experiencing pain, discomfort during intercourse. Others that can benefit from dilators are those who have some type of congenital condition of the female reproductive system, including vaginismus, or another related issues. 

Using vaginal dilator (VD) therapy has both physical and psychological benefits, because if you feel good about yourself and your body, hopefully, that will more than likely improve your overall self-esteem. 

A study, from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information, part of the US National Library of Medicine), concluded that due to vaginal dilators being a complex, multifaceted, and personal phenomenon carrying deep psychological and emotional implications, making it intrusive to women, the findings may “enhance the way in which vaginal dilators are introduced and help healthcare providers address better women's difficulties and concerns with the dilators. Ultimately, it may also lead to improved health maintenance and quality of life for women recovering from gynecological cancer.”

A single study by T. O. Idama and D. W. Pring titled “Vaginal dilator therapy-an outpatient gynecological option in the management of dyspareunia”, and referenced in the study of “Patients’ perception and adherence to vaginal dilator therapy: a systematic review and synthesis employing symbolic interactionism”, states that “A single study explored the use of VD therapy in this population, with the results suggesting that VD therapy can benefit women both physically and emotionally

The results for all will vary, but continuous use of dilators may benefit overall emotional wellness for those that use it.

Dilators come in various shapes and sizes and are used to improve vaginal elasticity and health. As the vaginal tissues become more flexible, you can begin using wider dilators to become more comfortable with larger sizes.

Physical therapy of the pelvic floor can be self-diagnosed or recommended by pelvic floor therapists. A woman can have pelvic pain conditions such as vaginismus and vulvodynia and may need dilators. Others that can benefit from the use of dilators are women who go through cancer treatments and suffer from vaginal atrophy. 

Dilators may not be for everyone, but they can be a benefit to some. If you are in need of a dilator set or would like to improve the overall wellness of your pelvic floor wellness, there are plenty of options available. Feel free to experience the IntiMD VWELL Silicone Pelvic Floor Kegal Exerciser 5-Piece Set (also available on Amazon).

VWELL Dilator

If you have any questions or concerns on dilators, feel free to reach out to various support groups online, including Reddit’s Vaginismus subreddit, with your vaginal issues or questions from those who have experienced previous complications.

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