Pheromone Oils: Ensure Purchasing From a Legitimate Source

If you have been on Tiktok the last few years you will no doubt have come across one of the biggest viral products with Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil (#PureInstinct).

With great presence on Tiktok, Amazon, and the internet as a whole, you are going to no doubt see knockoffs and or similar products trying to make a presence in this space.

How can you tell if the Pure Instinct you are wanting is from a legitimate source? Here are a few key factors to keep an eye out for.


Amazon and Website Reviews

You can always rely on customer reviews when researching a product. And make sure they do look like credible customer reviews and not ones created by the company or marketing individuals.


Has the company been in business for some time?

It may be difficult to locate the exact time frame a company or website has been active, but dig a little deeper to find out more. Things that may help could be past reviews, marketing content, social media presence, and more.


Promotional material, is the actual product being seen in the video or is it another brand/product?

Pure Instinct has plenty of material on its own socials with customer reviews, experiences, questions and more all over.




Much like the accounts below, they are promoting and using content that is clearly Pure Instinct Pheromone Oil, but when you click on their website, it shows and sells you a completely different product.

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@tonohime.official TikTok made me buy it ✨ #tiktokmademebuyit #fyp #pheromoneperfume #holidaytiktok #rnbvibes #viral ♬ original sound - Tono Hime™


If you haven't ask others if they have heard of this brand?

Don't be afraid to to your research on brands you have never heard of. If you are still not sure, bring the question up to a family member or friend and ask for their opinion also.


What else is the brand selling?

Is the brand selling other products that look legitimate or did it look like someone just slapped together a website in order to sell you something? These are the things you should be questioning when it comes to seeing whether a brand or product is credible or not.


Are there any other red flags raised?

Trust your gut! If it does not look credible or trustworthy to your liking, create your own assumption on whether you want to take the chance to purchase product or not. 


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