Razor Bumps VS Razor Burn - What’s the Difference? How to Prepare for a Smooth Shave?

There is a common misconception that razor bumps and razor burns are the same thing, they are not!

Razor burns are a type of skin irritation that is the result of friction that the razor causes. It is a matter of causing irritation and redness immediately following shaving. 

Razor burns can occur when one does not properly lubricate their skin with shaving cream or gel, or even a pre-shave oil. It may also occur if the person uses a dull razor or has sensitive skin due to friction. 

Razor bumps, on the other hand, can occur several days after hair removal. This happens when the hair has had time to grow into the skin and create blockage. 

How to prevent razor bumps and burns and how to prepare for a smooth shave?

Before shaving, one can lower their risk of razor bumps and burns by prepping the skin with any or all of following tips:

  • Cleanse the skin with a product that clears pores and removes excess skin cells from the surface. Products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid are recommended for this.
  • Shave only when your skin is very wet, either before, during, or immediately after a shower. Or place a warm, wet towel on the shaving area for 5 minutes prior to shaving.
  • Use a trusted shaving cream or gel appropriate to the users’ skin type.
    • Those with dry skin should choose a product that contains moisturizer, such as Coochy Plus Shaving Cream with Moisturizing+
    • Those who deal with acne may want to use the option of a shaving cream or gel safe for acne-prone skin.
  • Avoid skin care products that may contain irritating ingredients, which could inflame your skin, making it worse.
  • Always try to use a fresh, sharp razor, and avoid dull and old razors.
  • Clean the razor with alcohol before and after each use to keep it bacteria free.

Obviously, everyone's skin is completely different, but doing some or all of these steps will diminish or eliminate future razor bumps and burns for all.

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