VWELL Flex: What is it, What Does it Do?

Intimd already carries its popular and doctor and pelvic health professional approved VWELL 5 Piece Dilator Set, but recently added to the VWELL family is the VWELL Flex, a pelvic floor muscle device to help you gently stretch, activate, and massage your pelvic floor.

The only pelvic wand floor muscle activator that is flexible and with dual active motors on each end.

What exactly does this mean? High intensive dual active heads help revitalize the pelvic floor muscle, nerve ending and soft tissue. It also has a self-sealing plug-in rechargeable port.

Release yourself from the contract of pelvic pain or discomfort.

You can bring your intimate wellness to the form you want with self love and care from the VWELL Flex. Bend and form the VWELL Flex to fit YOU.


Who is the VWELL Flex Pelvic Massager for?

The VWELL Flex is for those who experience discomfort in the pelvic floor. For those who are dealing with scar tissue or tightness spasms. This will help you with that pain relief. 


What are some additional features of the VWELL Flex Pelvic Wand?

  • Precision end and active motor for various pulse frequencies
  • Can help remedy any muscle tension and over-tightness
  • Flexible shaft, engineered to be bent and shaped to your needs
  • Thicker and tapered end to target larger and shallower surface
  • Intuitive controls with six pre-programmed features
  • Smaller end can also be used rectally
  • Rechargeable and self-sealing charging port
  • Water proof
  • Body safe and hypoallergenic
  • Surgical grade silicone
  • BPA Free


Where to buy VWELL Flex?

Intimd website l Amazon

Find all other pelvic health products Intimd carries in our "Pelvic Health" section on our website and Amazon.


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