23 Brands Not Affiliated with Pure Instinct

There's been a severe rise in new accounts and brands capitalizing on the pheromone perfume market.

Here is a list of brands (thus far) that are NOT affiliated with Pure Instinct nor Intimd. Some may be using Pure Instinct branding, imagery, language, social media content, and more to sell their product:

  1. Pheromonie
  2. Vigar Cool
  3. Desire
  4. Phermonis
  5. Sundazee
  6. Tono Hime
  7. Follary
  8. PheroMagic / Curve Me Shop
  9. Pureinst.net
  10. Pheromoneinc.co
  11. Pherume
  12. Trend Cherry
  13. PH Moon
  14. EDermal.com
  15. Valentiyal
  16. Velora.co
  17. Shop Lunex
  18. Venom Scent
  19. BDC Fragrances
  20. Cunsia
  21. Love Scent
  22. FLOVE / Shop Apartado
  23. Phero Perfumes

Please be wary of these brands, as they are not affiliated with Pure Instinct, and we do not have any say in their products, sales team, marketing, customer service, or anything else. Be sure to take these tips into consideration when purchasing from an outside source:

Pheromone Oils: Ensure Purchasing From a Legitimate Source

You can ensure you are getting the tried and true Pure Instinct brand when you purchase from Intimd via our website or Amazon.

Pure Instinct has been around for more than 20 years and we still sell our Pure Instinct Unisex Original scent, our latest Crave scent for women, and our new Fallen scent for women, coming out later this summer.


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